You can buy vinyl now, and I still have 3000+ items to list. Little by little...

QUESTIONS:  Email me at


Within USA, shipping charges for Media Mail (with tracking number):

$3.50 for one or two 7"/45 rpm singles (up to 1 lb.)

$4.00 for one or two 12" albums (between 1 lb, 1oz to 2 lbs, 15 oz.)  

$4.50 for three or more items (between 3 lbs and higher.)

UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and more: (Via First Class Mail)  (Prices went up twice since 2016 to ship to overseas countries and Canada.)

$14.00 for one to two 7"/45 rpm (if up to 8 oz.)

$23.00 for one (or two, if light enough) 12"/LP album (between 9 oz. to 2 lbs.) 

$34.50 for three 12"/LP albums (between 2 lbs, 1 oz. to 3 lbs.)

$49.50 for four 12"/LP albums (between 3 lbs, 1 oz. to 4 lbs.)


$10.00 for one to two 7"/45 rpm (if up to 8 oz.)

$17.00 for one to two 12" LPs (9 oz. to 2 lbs)

$24.50 for three to four 12" LPs (2 lbs, 1 oz. to 3 lbs, 6 oz)

Once payment is made via Paypal, I will ship it out to you within 1-2 days (Mon-Fri).  Will send tracking # (for USA) to you, too.  If something doesn't go right with the shipping charges since you may be adding a couple of items instead of just one record, I will refund you the difference via Paypal.  (Like if it says you end up paying $4.00 for each separate record, I will refund you that 2nd $4.00 you paid.)   Every LP may be slightly different in weight depending on thickness of vinyl, whether it's a gatefold cover, has additional inserts in it, or it may be a very simple thin cover sleeve. 

I ship in 7" and 12" 45 rpm and LP cardboard mailers, along with bubble wrap around the record and I add 2 cardboard inserts.  Ships out of the Cleveland, Ohio area. 

MATRIX #:  I mentioned this in my Information page, but here it is again:  Some items may have a lot of details about the vinyl itself, while others just have the basic few line descriptions.  To get all the records into the website, I will have to just tone down my info on the record and stick to the quality and grading info (unless I have some fun information to say about it!).  Some mention the matrix numbers in the dead wax run-out, some don't.  If you see an item that doesn't mention the matrix number and you need it, just email me at and I'll get it for you right away. 

RETURNS:  Will accept returns after 7 days of receiving it if there was some sort of problem.  Take a picture of the problem, too.  You must pay for the postage coming back to me.  Contact me first on this, too, at

VIEWING VIA ALPHABETIZING:  If a band name starts with "The", use the next name to find it alphabetically.  If band name uses a person's full name, like Paul Revere & the Raiders, look under "R" (Revere) for the records.  If singer's name is Elvis Presley, you will find it listed under the "P".  Same for Paul Revere & The Raiders... that will be under "R", Miles Davis would be under "D" for Davis.  Sometimes some groups like the Four Seasons or Four Tops went under the actual number, 4 Seasons, depending on the year of the record, so better look under the number 4 (shows up in the beginning list of records before "A"), and look under "Four", too.   

SOUND CLIPS!  Right now is not working (but I think it is now as of February 2020).  So I may not be able to get a sound clip to you, but I'll see.  Email me at vinylexs@gmail if you can't get it on Filedropper and I'll figure something out.
A "gatefold" may be mentioned in the description and that is the sleeve on an album cover that opens up like a book.