You can buy vinyl now, and I still have 3000+ items to list. Little by little...

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If a record I describe is less than Excellent to Very Good Plus because of some crackling/light ticks or fuzz I hear, I may have a link to a sound bite in the listing description.  This link will take you to when you copy and paste it to your browser (or maybe even just click on it right there).  Right away it recognizes the sound bite on and asks you to Download This File and shows the URL and Embed codes.  You DON'T have to sign up with them.  Once you hit the Download This File button, it will go to your PC and land either in your downloads or wherever you have it set to.  Then you can open it in iTunes or Windows Media Player or similar.  Then you can decide if the sound performance is good enough for you.  At this point, if you cannot get into just email me and I will try and get you a sample another way!  As of November 2019, has not been working for me 100% and sometimes I cannot get into it!  So you might not be able to either!  I may include, too, eventually.

Or if there is a record that you want to hear that may still be a Very Good Plus, I wouldn't have any sound bite link there, but email me at and give me details as to which album or single it is that you want to hear.  I'll try get it recorded within 24 hours on the site or with my return email to you with the link in there.