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  • 4 SEASONS (LP/33rpm) Big Girls Don't Cry & 12 Others (VeeJay LP1056) 1963

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    The 4 Seasons album featuring the "sound' of Frankie Valli.  Big Girls Don't Cry and Twelve others.  Vee Jay LP1056.  This is mono, I believe, because if it was stereo, it would have Stereophonic across the top of the front cover and it doesn't have that.  Matrix reads:  2900-1 on side 1.  Believe this came out in 1963.  Produced by Bob Crewe.  (I loved the Jersey Boys movie about them!) 

    Side 1:  Walk Like A Man; Silhouettes; Why Do Fools Fall In Love; Tonite, Tonite; Lucky Ladybug; Alone.
    Side 2:  One Song; Sincerely; Since I Don't Have You; My Sugar; Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo; Big Girls Don't Cry; Goodnight My Love.

    The cover sleeve's seams are intact but slightly worn at the corners.  A photo is attached to view one corner.  It still looks great for a 1963 album cover.  Some white small fade marks or scratches are along the bottom, top and side seams. No ringwear showing.  Back cover looks great with only some dark fade marks near the bottom center and a little stain or two at the top middle seam area, as you might be able to zoom in and see on the photo.  Comes with a plain inside sleeve.  The Vee Jay label does have some fading on it and one side has a little scratch on it. 

    Now the vinyl.  Generally, all sounded fairly good.  But there were at least 7 long scratches on both sides that you could see in normal light.  First song, Side 2 (One Song) keeps repeating the same words at the very beginning as a 'skip.'  It doesn't skip ahead, but repeats itself until you move the needle a tiny bit.  Then a lot of finer light small surface scratches were here and there on both sides.  Because the longer scratches cover several songs, I did hear a little light crackling in many of the songs when I had the treble on high versus in the middle.  And you can hear them inbetween the songs.  If I had my ears to the speakers, I heard them.  When I listened to the music while I was in the living room and the turntable was in the dining room, I didn't hear the crackling.  I managed to photograph several of those long scratches I saw.  At the very end of Tonite, Tonite, there is a little scratch that you can hear a "che' sound every time the needle hit that area for about 20 seconds.  So if you are looking for a crystal-clear sounding 4 Seasons LP, this is NOT the perfect one.  (Because most songs are 'loud', that hides a lot of the crackles.)  But it's still decent sounding in general as long as you keep the treble knob in the middle and not at it's highest treble.  Or perhaps it would improve a bit with a special cleaning.

    I rate the cover as Very Good Plus (VG+) and the vinyl just a Very Good (VG) due to the light crackles throughout (depending on treble settings).   ($4.00 shipping within USA.)
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