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  • ABBA (PS/45) Chiquitita/Lovelight (Polydor 2001 850 Stereo, 1978 (fr.Germany)

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    ABBA picture sleeve 45 rpm with their song entitled CHIQUITITA/LOVELIGHT.  On Polydor label, Stereo, 2001 850.  From 1978.  Extremely tiny, but glad I have an old magnifying glass...Stamped matrix reads: 2001 850 5 1 = 3.  Farther down... Manufactured in Germany.    I brought this back with me from Germany to Cleveland in 1980.

    Picture sleeve is German made.  It has several light brown stains at the one side which is stained also on the 2nd side.  (Probably were coffee stains because the German beer would not have left those dark stains!) Then there's a black magic marker type scribble at the bottom of the singer's boot (Frida) on one side and that mark shows through on the other side under Bjorn's butt.  The top open seam has some tiny tears and wear on it. 

    The Polydor label on side one has a little fading to the outside rim as you can slightly see, but the left side of the rim has it, too, you just can't see it in this photo.  Photo was an early one before I cleaned the record and label got slight damp.  Other side has way less fading along the rim.  There are a lot of small fine surface scratches on both sides that you only see under a bright lamp.  I played it through and I did hear light crackling at the beginning of Chiquitita where she starts to sing, but the music is not full blast yet.  Otherwise, once the tune gets going, the crackling blends in with the music and you can't hear it.  It's not too loud of crackling, until near the end of the song.  Then I can hear it get louder.  I may put a vinyl cleaner on it yet to see if that helps remove some of the crackles.  The crackles are quieter if you turn down the treble. (I tend to keep my treble level higher than average.)  Same for Side 2.  But no skips or pops.  Email me (at )if you want to hear it first, as I can use to get it on here for a link for you to hit, then you will be able to download the tune from my storage bin with them and then save to your desktop, downloads, or where ever they automatically go and then decide if the playback is okay with you.

    I rate the picture sleeve as only Good (G) due to the stains and marker blotches.  The vinyl gets a Very Good (VG) to Good Plus (G+) only because of the light crackling.    

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