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  • CHECKER, CHUBBY & BOBBY RYDELL (LP, 1960 copyright) Cameo C1013

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    This duet of singers, Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell, ad lib with each other between songs.  They also change up on each other's songs, too.  It's a fun LP. This LP is one of the first 15 or so that came out on the Cameo label.  The copyright symbol for Cameo Records on the label has the date of 1960 on it.  (Cameo C1013 label)  On Jan. 7, 2015, I just found out when listening to a local Cleveland news channel that had Chubby Checker on as a guest today that he was named by Dick Clark's wife.  His name was Evans, but became Chubby due to "Fats" Domino and Checker for the "Domino" parts of Fats' name!  She was thinking of Fats Domino when she first saw Chubby perform!  ALSO, interesting news with "The Twist" song.  This was really a sexual song talking about a man and woman twisting, but twisting really meant having intimate relations then and there! 

    Side 1:  Swingin' Together; Your Hits and Mine; Chubby sings---Bobby sings:  Kissin' Time --The Twist --We Got Love -- Pony Time--Volare -- The Hucklebuck--Wild One -- Let's Twist Again;  Jingle Bell Rock; Teach Me to Twist.

    Side 2:  Side By Side; Jingle Bell Imitations; What Are You Doing New Year's Eve; My Baby Cares for Me; Voodoo (You Remind Me of the Guy);  Walkin' My Baby Back Home.

    The cover sleeve front is in good shape for its age, just a couple of worn fingertip sections starting on the open seam side and a little wear on each corner.  The front almost looks like it has a laminated cover.  The back cover does have a lot of dark marks all over and a "NR" is stamped on the back, besides also being stamped on the first side of the Cameo label, too.  Just a plain white inside sleeve for the record.  Under a bright lamp I did see a lot of light long and short scratches throughout both sides of the vinyl.  Short scratches even in the matrix area.  There was a rub on side 1, too.  I played it through on my Technics turntable and there were no skips and very few crackles considering the scratches.  Here and there if you are really listening only for that, you will hear some inbetween quiet sections, but, overall, it played exceptionally well with all the scratches.  (Couldn't feel the scratches.)  The red cameo label has some spindle marks if you look closely. 

    I rate the cover sleeve as Very Good Plus (VG+) at first look, but the back cover brings it down to a VG.  The vinyl I rate as a Very Good Plus (VG+) for sound quality, but looking at the scratches under the lamp, I want to bring it down to a VG, but it also has a shine to it still and no skips or pops!  Feel free to ask me any questions on it.    P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

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