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  • CLARK, DAVE FIVE (LP) Glad All Over (Epic LN 24093-Mono) 1964

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    Here's The Dave Clark Five LP entitled Glad All Over.  On Epic LN 24093, Monaural, from 1964.

    Side 1:  Glad All Over; All Of The Time; Stay; Chaquita; Do You Love Me.

    Side 2:  Bits and Pieces; I Know You; No Time to Lose; Doo Dah;  Time; She's All Mine. 

    They had short titles for their songs!

    The LP cover is probably one of the worst ones I ever saw.  Amazingly, no seam tears, but the ringwear and white fade spots are all over the place! There are 3 tan stains that landed on the front cover, too.  Back cover has some dark tan marks/stains here and there and a little cover tear at the bottom right side.  The yellow Epic label has a piece of dark tape over the title area, but Side 2 is okay.  There are a lot of light scratches and rubs on both sides of this LP.   Side 2 played well with no pops, crackles, or skips!  BUT, Side 1 has a particular long deep scratch going across Stay and Chaquita.  It's deeper on Chaquita because I could hear a light pop each time the vinyl turned to a certain spot.  So that's a tune with a little interference for popping.  Rest of it sounded very good.  The music is loud, so maybe that hides some of the crackling because that Chaquita was the only affected song.

    I rate the cover as Good Minus (G-) due to lots of fade spots and the vinyl I rate as Very Good (VG) (due to Chaquita) to VG+ since the rest of the LP sounds good. 

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