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  • DIRE STRAITS (PS/45/Promo) Lady Writer 1979 Phonogram Ltd (WB) 1979 VG+

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    Here are the DIRE STRAITS with their promo 45 (Promotion Not For Sale) entitled LADY WRITER. WBS 49006.  With Picture Sleeve.  Mono one side, stereo side 2.  Writer is Mark Knopfler.  1979 Phonogram Ltd (Warner Communications Company). 

    The picture sleeve does have a little white ringwear against their black/white photo in the middle and on the back cover, too as a black ring, as you can see in the photo.  And just a little wrinkling starting at the top open seam. 

    The 45's label is in great condition.  No marks.  The record is shiny and the Stereo side only has a couple of light surface scratches and sounded great.  No skips or pops.  No surface crackles.  The Mono side had a quarter inch scratch right in the beginning and it is a tiny bit feelable.  I played it through and I did hear a little light tick each time the record spun around that scratch, but just for the first minute, if that.  (And I did hear some general background surface crackle noise on that Mono side, too.)  But the Stereo side was just great! No ticks/crackles on that side!

    I rate the Picture Sleeve as Very Good (VG) to Very Good Plus (VG+) because of ringwear.  I rate the sound quality at Very Good Plus (VG+) for the Stereo side which doesn't have any light surface scratches.  Only Very Good (VG) for the Mono side because of general light surface crackles. 

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