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  • FLEETWOOD MAC (PS/45/Promo) Hold Me/Hold Me, WB, 1982 (Excellent)

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    FLEETWOOD MAC here with their picture sleeve promo 45 rpm for "Hold Me."  One side mono, other side stereo.  White Warner Bros. label 7-29966.  From 1982.  This was the first track to be released on their "Mirage" LP.  Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham are singing.  It peaked up to #4 for a few weeks on the USA Hot List, but was not a big hit in England at that time.  Picture sleeve says it's "Hold Me/Eyes of the World", but it's the promo and "Hold Me" on both sides.

    The picture sleeve just has a few white scratches/marks on the right hand side of the seam area and one light blue scratch that is barely noticeable.  Back cover looks a little 'off' due to the placement of the sleeve page.  It doesn't seem like it was re-laid and glued again, but in this position from the original manufacture.  Notice the white area on the left side of the back cover.  The cover should have been glued down in a more centered position when manufacturing it.

    The white promo label is in good shape with no marks.  The 45 on both sides does have quite a few tiny light surface scratches after studying it under a bright lamp and on the Stereo side there is a light scuff mark, too.  But I played it through on both sides and the sound performance was great!  Sharp and clear.  No skips or pops, nor crackling!

    I give the picture sleeve a Very Good (VG) only because of that back side displacement.  The 45 rpm I give an EXCELLENT for sound quality, but gave it a basic Very Good Plus (VG+) due to the light scratches all over, but that didn't affect the playback. So, 2 gradings depending whether sound or physical look is more important. 
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