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  • GOANNA BAND (LP) Spirit of Place (1982. WEA/Atco 90081-1) Stereo. Aussie (EX)

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    GOANNA Band from Australia with their first album entitled Spirit of Place.  Stereo.  Etched matrix reads:  ST-C-835171-A (stamped) MASTERDISK (etched) RL.  It is considered folk rock, but I say more Pop-Rock.  Very nice album with great vocals and instruments.  Produced by Trevor Lucas.  It is on Atco label, but also noted 1982 WEA Records Pty Ltd.  Also Warner Communications in NY.  Printed in USA.  It did make it to #2 in Australian charts, and made it to the USA Billboard 200. 
    Side 1:  Cheatin' Man; Solid Rock; Razor's Edge; Scenes; Stand Yr' Ground. 
    Side 2:  Borderline; On the Platform; Four Weeks Gone; Factory Man; Children of the Southern Land.

    Cover is in excellent condition except for a little bit of white fade marks up toward the upper mid area on front cover.  Side seam and corners are in great shape.  No tears or wrinkles or bends on the open right side seam.  Back cover is perfect.  Some ringwear but you don't see it unless you put it under a lamp, because the light ringwear is not colored.  Inner sleeve has the lyrics.  Atco label is great. 

    Vinyl sounded great when I played it on my Technics turntable.  No skips, pops, or crackles, which is surprising a bit because I do see about 7 light surface scuffs under that bright lamp.  Also a couple of light surface scratches, but unfeelable.  It did not affect the sound performance at all.  Same with Side 2... no obvious surface scratches, but a few scuffs but they are super light.

    I rate the cover sleeve as Excellent (EX) because of the few fade marks and good corners.  The Vinyl gets an EXCELLENT (EX), too, since the surface scuffs do not cause any changes to the great sound quality.  

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