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  • GATES, HEN AND HIS GATERS (LP) Let's Go Dancing to Rock and Roll, Masterseal,1957

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    Here's a rare and interesting LP!  The band is Hen Gates and his Gaters.  It reads that way on the front cover and the record label, but the back of the LP has the word "Gaters" spelled as "Gators."  Also, the front cover says "Let's Go Dancing To..." and the back cover spells it all out as "Let's all dance to ...".  Interesting!  One more interesting item...both sides list 6 songs, but there are 7 actual songs on both sides!  Go figure!   Masterseal MSLP 5005.  1957.

    The band is instrumental with a lot of saxophone in it.  Side 1: Rock Me Sugar; Rock Around My Baby; Love To Rock With You; Choo Choo Rock; Rock Clock Rock; Rock'n and Walk'n.

    Side 2:  Shoe Shine Rock; Juke Box Rock; Rock Around Rosie; Fish Beat Rock; Rock'n Time; The New Rock.

    The front cover looks in very good shape.  No ring wear!  The open side seam where you take the record out is in great shape.  The bottom left corner has a little wear to it and right in the middle of the bottom seam, it is open about one inch, but it's not split all the way down!  But the right right corner has a 1" split.  It's in great shape for a 1957 LP cover!  The back cover does have some darker fade spots all around, as you can see in the photo, but it's all readable. The record label is in great shape.  I did play both sides through in order to listen for skips and pops.  The sound quality was great with one tiny exception.  And I tried putting a photo up to show one tiny little short scratch near the end of the 3rd song, side 1.  I heard several light pops as it went around a few cycles during the end of that song.  That's it.  The rest of the LP was fine.  Looking under the bright lamp, Side 1 has that one scratch and about 6 scuffs overall, but the scuffs are not deep or affect the sound.  Side 2 has 5 scuffs and a light scratch across 3 songs, but they do not affect the performance.  Can't feel them and the vinyl is actually shiny!  I'm impressed with the quality!

    I rate the cover sleeve as Excellent (EX) and the vinyl as Excellent (EX) also!
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