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  • HERMAN'S HERMITS - HOLD ON! (Soundtrack LP) Herman's Hermits & Shelley Fabares. MGM, 1966 (VG+)

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    HOLD ON! album that stars Herman's Hermits from the movie soundtrack produced by Sam Katzman.  Herman's Hermits and Shelley Fabares sing on this LP.  On MGM T-90646 label, but on the front of the LP cover bottom left is the number E-4342ST.  It's an MGM label, but there is a sentence on it that says Mfg. by Capitol Records, Inc. U.S.A., too.  Stamped matrix reads T1-90646-P1 then farther down etched in is WYK66.

    This is the third album released by MGM of Herman's Hermits.  The movie was almost entitled "A Must to Avoid," but then changed to Hold On!  You can see the song tracks in the photos.  One of them, Make Me Happy, is sung by Shelley Fabares and Herman's Hermits.  I remember seeing Peter Noone a couple of years ago perform in Cleveland, Ohio and he was a riot!  I was not really into Herman's Hermits back in the '60s, but just casually enjoyed the hits.  So when I saw Peter Noone's show in Cleveland (he had two Cleveland super musicians touring with him that I know... Billy Sullivan/guitar and Rich Spina/keyboards), Peter was hysterical!  He put on a comedic performance at times.  I cracked up laughing so hard when he strutted across the stage singing "Start Me Up" and acting out moves like Mick Jagger... flailing arms and legs and head!  I'm glad I found a video on youtube of this reenactment.  His voice today is still strong and he looks great! 

    Cover is in good condition for 1966.  Only some tape residue at 3 of the corners and one corner (photo here) I show the label number is slightly worn off at bottom left corner.  There are a little bit of dark fade marks starting showing as ringwear on both sides of the cover.  Back cover has a handwritten in ink date of 11-7-66 written at the upper left hand side.  On the black MGM label on both sides it looks like there's some letters of WYK'66 33-26 written in ink on both sides.  This is interesting because the WYK'66 is what is etched into the dead wax/matrix, too. 

    Vinyl condition: Side 1- Lots of scuffs and light surface scratches all over.  I made several photos here of the scratches so you can see how they look.  I can't feel any of them.  Some scratches go across the dead wax, too!  Side 2 - Lots of light scratches here, too, but just a little bit less than Side 1.  Amazingly, none of these scratches caused any skips or pops.  Barely even any crackles I heard!  Even in between the tracks you don't hear any crackles!  That's strange, but I'm glad there weren't obvious crackles!  (And this was playing on my sensitive Technics turntable!)

    I rate the cover sleeve as Very Good Plus (VG+) to VG due to 3 corner taper residues.  I give the vinyl a Very Good Plus (VG+) for sound quality, but a Very Good (VG) only due to the physical look of the light scratches all over. 

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