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  • HOLLIES (LP) LIVE (Columbia PES-90401) (from Canada) 1977

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    The Hollies album entitled "LIVE" here, but from a world tour that included Canada.  This is NOT the Hollies Live Hits album.  This LP was made in Canada.   Columbia PES 90401 Stereo.  Etched matrix reads:  90401-A-1A-2G.  It is a beautiful sounding LP from them.  The last copyright date I see on their label says 1975, but I think I saw this was published in 1977 somewhere.  This was my friend's LP and she had family living in Toronto, so I suspect she brought this back to Cleveland with her after one of her visits!

    Side 1:  I Can't Let Go; Just One Look; I Can't Tell the Bottom From the Top; Bus Stop; Another Night; Sandy; Star; My Island.

    Side 2:  I'm Down; Stop, Stop, Stop; Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress; Carrie Anne; The Air That I Breathe; Too Young to be Married; He Ain't Heavy.

    The front cover does have the white fade marks around 2 sides and owner's first name is written in blue inch and underlined (Mari) at the upper right on the front cover, as you can see.  There is a lot of fading of the coloring on the top seam, but they are not torn.  Back cover has the owner's name again in blue ink and underlines on the left side of the cover.  Bottom center has a 1" tear of the cardboard layer and there are some fademarks around the top, too. 

    The vinyl has only a couple of light surface scratches and does have some scuffing, but really light and does not affect the sound performance.  Same with Side 2.  A group of scuffs and a few light surface scratches, nonfeelable, and can only see them under the bright lamp.  Still has a shine to it.  The label on side 2 does have someone's initials on it, RR, and a little scratch in the red label paper on the upper left side, as I hope you can see in the photo.  This is the first time I've heard of this LP and am glad I played it through.  Like I said, it was a great set of tunes.  No skips or pops.  Any tiny crackles were maybe here and there in some very quiet spots, so nothing detracted from the sound performance.  Comes in a plain white sleeve.

    I rate the album cover as Very Good (VG) and the vinyl as Excellent (EX) as the sound is super.   P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

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