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  • INMATES (THE) (LP/33rpm) "Shot in the Dark" Polydor PD-1-6302 (1980) NM

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    THE INMATES with their LP Shot In The Dark from 1980.  Still shrink-wrap on it, but opened at the side to let the LP out.  On Polydor PD-1-6302 with 2391 491 underneath it.  The back cover at the bottom right corner reads 1980 Radarscope Records Ltd.  Mfg and marketed by Polydor Inc on Seventh Ave in NY, NY.  Top corner says recorded in May/June 1980 in England. 

    I included pix of the right upper corner of the front cover where the plastic seal/cover is open at the side and also shows a person's name (Mari) written in ink sideways on the cover.  Also, at the upper left corner, there is a diagonal cut.  Mari's name is on the plastic cover, too, across the N in Inmates.  If you zoom in the back cover, you can see what songs are on this LP.  They do "Talk Talk" which was one of my favorites by Music Machine!  I like the vocals in The Inmates.  There is ringwear, but it is only on the clear plastic cover, not the main cover itself. 

    Played it through with no skips or pops.  No crackles.  All was like Mint!  Crystal clear sound on my Technics turntable/system.  Upon close look under a bright lamp, I did see a couple of light scuffs and very light scratches on Side 2, but none of this affected the playback.  That was fabulous!  LP is still shiny. 

    I rate the cover as NM- to Excellent as there is the written name Mari at the side seam, and the vinyl as NM- only due to the light scuffing.  Sound quality was Mint!   ($18.00 plus $4.00 shipping within USA.)

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