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  • RIVERS, JOAN (12"LP/33rpm) What Becomes A Semi Legend Most? Geffen Rec. 1983

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    JOAN RIVERS with her comedic LP entitled What Becomes A Semi Legend Most?  On Geffen Records GHS 4007 from 1983.  She talks about a variety of subjects.

    Side A:  The National Enquirer and U.F.O. Sightings; Drugs; Living in New York; Before and After Marriage; Rock Stars; Men vs. Women; The Royal Family; A Great Movie Star.

    Side B:  How God Divides; Nurses and Stewardesses; Men She Dated; Being a Bridesmaid; Being Married; Childbirth; Heidi Abromowitz; Going to the Gynecologist.

    Front cover sleeve is in not bad of a shape except for some white fade marks at the top center area and the bottom mid area of the seam is worn so it shows up as a whitish area.  Left side seam right in the middle has a very small worn/torn area (pix attached).  Back cover just has some general wear/surface scratches here and there.  The vinyl itself has no skips, pops, or crackles.  There are several light surface scratches and scuffs on both sides and you can see them easily under a bright lamp, but none are feelable.  Still shiny vinyl.  Sound quality was super!  No crackles at all.  Some light spindle marks on the whitish Geffen label on both sides. 

    I rate the cover as Very Good (VG) to VG+.  The vinyl gets an Excellent to Near Mint (NM) for sound quality only, but Very Good Plus (VG+) for visual look due to the light scuffs and scratches.   P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

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