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  • GARY, JOHN (LP) The Nearness of You (RCA Victor LSP-3349) 1965

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    John Gary, The Nearness of You, on RCA Victor Dynagroove LSP-3349 Stereo.  From 1965. 

    He was a smooth American singer started out singing at a very young age and was popular in the 60s and stayed on for a couple of decades.  He passed away on Jan 4, 1998.  He was also a recording artist, television host, and performer and the musical stage.  He was considered by many to be one of the most talented of popular singers because of his fantastic breath control and tonal quality of his voice.  He had a wide range of octaves.  He was nominated for a Grammy in 1964 for Best New Artist (but didn't win it). 

    For 1965, the cover sleeve is in pretty good shape.  There is a little wear to the top and bottom of the seams where the coloring is turning white instead of the darker green like the front cover.  No torn seams.  There is a light streak or scratch going across left to right crossing over the top of his hair, but it is very light and a little wrinkle bottom left corner.  The back cover has a small 1/2" light stain towards the middle right side, which you can see in the photo.  There is also a little pen mark next to the third song listed on the back cover.  I put up (as fuzzy as it is) a photo of the original RCA Victor inside sleeve, too.  The label on the record is great, but just a few spindle marks on side 2. 

    On both sides of the vinyl there are some 6-7 light scratches here and there (non-feelable).  I played it and there weren't any skips or pops.  But upon listening very closely, I could hear the usual (but light) crackling when first putting the needle down for the first song.  I'm just saying it's not a brand new record.  At first it looked really good, but upon detailed inspection under the bright lamp, I did find those 6 light scratches on both sides. 

    I rate the cover sleeve as Very Good Plus (VG+) and the vinyl as Very Good Plus (VG+) for sound quality.  P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

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