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  • LEGRAND, MICHEL -LOVE SONGS (Soundtrack LP/33rpm), 1985 Varese Sarabande lbl

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    LOVE SONGS soundtrack album (33-1/3 rpm, 12") with Catherine Deneuve, Richard Anconna, Christopher Lambert, Jacques Perrin who are in the movie from 1985.  This is the soundtrack for it.  Music by Michel Legrand.  On the Varese Sarabande STV 81258 label (stereo) based in North Hollywood, CA.  1985 International Sprectrafilm Distribution, Inc. 

    (The movie is about Deneuve as a Paris talent agent and mom whose American husband takes off.  She starts seeing another guy--younger than her.  Movie from the mid-80s.)

    The cover sleeve is in perfect shape except for a tiny dent or wrinkle at the upper right hand open seam side, barely noticeable.  No ringwear on front.  Back cover has just a couple of darker marks at the top middle section starting as ringwear.  Side seam/title area is perfect still.   Comes with a plain inner white sleeve.  Red and silver label is great.  Side one just has a couple of really light scuffs from removal from cover or sleeve.  Same with Side 2, but one scuff is just a little more thicker and you can see it in the photo.  Can only see it under a bright lamp.  The great thing is that the scuffs did absolutely nothing to deter from the quality of the sound performance quality.  That was perfect!  No skips, pops, or crackles!  Sharp, crisp, and clean sound!

    I rate the cover sleeve as Near Mint Minus (NM-) and the same for the vinyl at Near Mint Minus (NM-) even though there are a couple of light scuffs, but no scratches and sound quality was perfect! 

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