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  • HAMPTON, LIONEL (LP) "You Better Know It!!!" Impulse AS-78 (reissue 1974)

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    Lionel Hampton with "You Better Know It!!!  This is on a later reissue from 1974 on the abc Impulse green label AS-78.  As this one is Stereo as it says on the label, not the cover.  Original LP was in 1965 or so on Impulse, too, but before Impulse changed over with abc.  This LP is still partially sealed in that it has the plastic around it, but it is opened at the side to let the LP out.  It is a gatefold LP, but since the top and bottom seam are still sealed, I won't open the gatefold. (Lionel passed away August 31, 2002 (age 94) in New York City.)

    Side 1:  Ring Dem Bells; Vibraphone Blues; Tempo's Birthday; Sweethearts on Parade.

    Side 2:  Pick a Rib; Trick or Treat; Cute; Swingle Jingle; Taste of Honey.

    The front cover is in excellent shape because it's still partially sealed.  Some of the seal has been tearing mainly at the bottom front.  The album itself is shiny and near mint condition!  I see only a couple of light rubs under a bright lamp.  No scratches.  The label has 3 white dots on it, as you can see.  Side 2 label is perfect.  The vinyl is shiny.  I played it through and there were no skips, crackles or pops!  Smooth, sharp quality performance.

    I rate the cover as Excellent (EX) and the album itself as Near Mint Minus (NM-)!

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