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  • LOVIN' SPOONFUL (LP/33) Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful. Kama Sutra KLP-8054 (VG)

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    Here are the LOVIN' SPOONFUL with their LP "Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful."  On the yellow and red Kama Sutra label KLP-8054.  Also shows a note about 'Kama Sutra exclusively distributed by MGM Records" at the top upper left of front cover.  John Sebastian was in the band.

    You can see the song track listings in the label photos or the back side of the cover, I hope.  The cover isn't too bad of a condition considering it's from 1966.  There is a black marker written out with 15 cents (symbol)  at the right mid section.  Bottom left corner where the KLP-8054 is has some flaking off of the cover there.  At the upper top right side is some flaking of the seam, too, but also has a 1" tear there at the edge.  Side seam where the title is written is in pretty good shape.  Back cover has dark fade marks as ringwear as you can see.  The label is in good shape, but a little wear around the spindle hole.  Both sides of the LP have lots of short and long light surface scratches.  None were feelable.  It was played a lot, obviously.  There were no skips or pops when I played it on my Technics turntable, but there was a lot of general ticks or crackles through a lot of the songs.  It wasn't that bad.  Wasn't overwhelming.  You could turn the treble down a bit to hide the crackles.  But it just lets you know it's old vinyl! 

    I rate the cover sleeve as Very Good (VG) due to the 15 cent mark and some seam edge flaking.  The vinyl would be a Very Good (VG) due to light crackling/ticks in a lot of the songs that let you know it's vinyl playing. 

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