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  • MAMAS AND THE PAPAS (THE) (LP) Self-titled. Dunhill S-50010, 1966

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    The Mamas and the Papas album with I Saw Her Again on it.  Self-titled.  On Dunhill S-50010 from 1966. 

    Side 1:  No Salt On Her Tail; Trip Stumble and Fall; Dancing Bear; Words of Love; My Heart Stood Still; Dancing In The Street.

    Side 2:  I Saw Her Again; Strange Young Girls; I Can't Wait; Even If I Could; That Kind of Girl; Once Was A time I Thought.

    The front cover is in great shape.  A little wear to the bottom left front corner seam area.  This has the RIAA Gold Record Award emblem on it.  The back cover has some lettering stamped on the right upper side that looks like C.O.N.R in red.  There is a 6" razor-type cut in that area, too, but it does not go through the cardboard.  There is a little bubbling effect to the right side of the back cover where the white section is, not the cardboard sleeve part.  There is just a plain white inner sleeve.  The label is in good shape.  No marks on it.  The vinyl, side 1, I saw about 10 small tiny light hairline scratches, but also a long scuff inline with a few grooves in the third song.  Side 2 had about 8 small tiny scratches and also a scuff across the last song.  I played it through and there were no skips, but I did hear a little crackling on Side 1 (third song) where the scuff was inline with the grooves for a section.  I could hear a little crackling at the first song, too, on both sides.  Probably could use a good cleaning. 

    I rate the cover sleeve as Very Good Plus (VG+) and the vinyl as Very Good Plus (VG+) to Very Good (VG) due to the scuffed area in the one song.   

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