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  • DIAMOND, NEIL (45 rpm) You Got To Me/Someday Baby (BANG, Yr 1967)

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    Neil Diamond 45 rpm (7" single) side 1: You Got to Me; Side 2: Someday Baby.  On BANG Records B-540.  Published by Tallyrand Music, BMI.  January 1967 was the month/year it came out.

    In a plain tan sleeve.  The label just has a little light ring starting around the inner circle, otherwise fine.  No stickers or penned in initials. 

    The vinyl has several scratches and rubs and many tiny tiny light scratches along the empty area before the grooves start.  BUT, it played amazingly well!  I was stunned because it's 47 years old!  The scratches/rubs weren't deep enough to cause any sound problems, no skips.  They are unfeelable, if that's a word yet.  Before the music started, you can hear a little crackling when you put the needle down, but it disappears as soon as the music starts and that brief great harmonica solo in the beginning. (Played on a Technics turntable with KLH speakers.) 

    I rate the vinyl as Very Good Plus (VG+) as it sounded great on playback.     P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

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