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  • HAGEN, NINA BAND (LP/33rpm) Self-titled. 1978. CBS 32293 (from Germany) (EX)

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    NINA HAGEN BAND, self-entitled 12" album.  Front cover has a special sticker on it showing a cassette!  Nina Hagen is a wild German chick rocker doing more of a punk rock sound.  She has the most diversified voice, adding all sorts of screeches and ah ah ahs in high and low ranges here and there.   I picked this record up in Germany in 1980 and brought it back with me to Cleveland, OH.  It is on the orange/yellow CBS label 32293, stereo. 

    Side 1:  TV-Glotzer (White Punks on Dope); Rangehn; Unbescreiblich; Auf'M Bahnof Zoo; Naturtrane;
    Side 2:  Superboy; Heiss; Fisch Im Wasser; Auf'M Friedhof; Der Spinner; Pank.

    Front cover is in great shape.  There are only some wrinkles at the right open seam side and upper top right.  Left side has a couple of small ones, too.  Corners have a small white flaking starting.  The white mark you see on the front cover at the lower left side was a spot of paper that jumped in on the photo from some paper nearby.  It's really not there!  Back cover is showing some very light ringwear at the top and two wrinkles at the left open seam side.  Comes in a plain white sleeve.  There are a few light spindle marks on the label if you angle the record just right under a bright lamp.

    The vinyl is in better shape than the cover.  Side one just has one scuff area on the 3rd song, side 1, which did not affect the sound quality.  Side two has only a couple of super fine tiny scratches (I think) only noticeable under a bright lamp.  Almost impossible to find.  The sound quality was super!  Crisp and loud!  No skips or pops and no really noticeable surface crackles.

    I rate the cover sleeve at Very Good Plus (VG+).  The vinyl gets an Excellent (EX) (to NM-) for sound quality and looks!  
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