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  • REVERE, PAUL & THE RAIDERS (LP/33) Just Like Us! Mono. 1966 Columbia CL2451, VG+

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    Here are Paul Revere & The Raiders with their 1966 LP entitled "Just Like Us!  With Just Like Me/Steppin' Out.  This was produced by Terry Melcher.  On Columbia CL 2451 as MONO (High Fidelity monaural recording).   They were a great American rock band!  Paul Revere passed away in 2014 and a couple other guys passed away already, too.  Mark Lindsay is still around though!  Matrix reads:  XLP111993 1A. 

    You can see the sound track listings in the photo of the back cover.  The cover is in OK condition for 1966. I see dark fade marks all around the front cover as ringwear!  And a scratch at the left mid side.  Top of the side seam I put a photo here because there is a little tear in there.  Back cover is pretty good except for the darkening of the white cover mainly around the seams.  Top upper left corner seam there has a little tear.  I'll have to include a white inner sleeve.  The Columbia red label is in good shape.  I do see some light spindle marks on it under a bright lamp.  Same with surface scratches on the vinyl.

    Side 1 has lots of light surface scratches all over.  Heavily played.  Side 2 has even more surface scratches and scuffs!   None are feelable.  And I was surprised when I played it through on my Technics turntable.  There were some constant light ticks/crackles on most of the songs due to the scratches, but because it's rock, you don't really hear them until in between the tunes or during a quieter moment.  But I also have it on high treble and if I bring in more bass, the ticks are less noticeable.  I still feel it sounds great for its age.

    I rate the cover sleeve as just Very Good (VG) due to all the darker fade marks as ringwear.  The vinyl in looks is only a Very Good (VG) or less, but the sound quality was a bit better than what it looks like.  I'll give the sound quality as Very Good Plus (VG+) because the ticks/crackles didn't really affect the main sound performance on this rock record
    .  No skips or pops.

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