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  • SONNY & CHER (LP/33rpm) All I Ever Need Is You. (1972) Kapp KS 3660 Stereo

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    Here is a 12" LP (33 rpm) by Sonny & Cher entitled "All I Ever Need Is you."  In stereo.  From 1972 on Kapp KS-3660, but it also shows MCA Records along the bottom of the label.  Matrix reads:  KS-2660-A-W2. 
    The cover:  There is whitish ringwear on the front cover and some brown light stains at the bottom left corner.  Back cover has some whitish spots starting as ringwear.  There is a little tear (photo here) at the bottom left corner.  Some seams are worn and I put photos of that here, too.  Top right corner seam on front has a tear in the seam but it doesn't start on the open corner, just in half an inch.  Main side seam is wrinkled a lot. 

    Vinyl.  I played it on my Technics turntable and all sounded great.  A couple of areas did have very light/minor crackling/ticks, but still not loud enough to affect the sound.  Side one just has a little bit of scuffing in an area and one light surface scratch.  Side two had about 4 surface scratches, but very light, couldn't feel them and they did not cause any skips or pops.  Overall sound quality of the record was very good.

    I rate the cover sleeve as Very Good (VG) because of the corner wear and ringwear.  The vinyl gets a Very Good Plus (VG+) since the few crackles on it are very light and didn't distract from the sound quality.

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