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  • JAMES, SONNY, #1 (LP) (sings BMI's Biggest Country Hits) Capitol ST-629 (1971) VG

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    SONNY JAMES, LP/33 rpm, #1 (Sings BMI's Biggest #1 Country Hits).  Stamped Matrix reads: STI 8-629 I.   Sonny passed away in February 2016.  He was born in 1928. Country singer and songwriter.  Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2009 and had quite a number of country hits.  This is on the green Capitol label and the label says ST-80629, while the outside cover says ST-629 Stereo.  Here are songs that were hits by other singers/composers such as Ted Daffan, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Roger Miller, etc.

    Side 1:  Tennessee Waltz; You Are My Sunshine; Your Cheatin' Heart; Born To Lose He'll Have to Go.

    Side 2:  Any Time; I Walk The Line; King of the Road; I Can't Stop Loving You; Young Love.

    Front cover does have some white marks made from probably tearing off a label and then some ringwear as white flakes against the black background.  I put a photo here of the bottom side seam where it shows a lot of tearing up of the seam, but this is throughout the upper top of the seam and the top and bottom of the cover seam.  Back cover has less ringwear, but a small light brown stain at the bottom left corner and some bottom seam wrinkles.  The Capitol label is in great shape.  Minimal spindle marks on Side 1 only.  Even though the vinyl has a shine to it, Side 1 has several light surface scratches across the grooves and a group of tiny ones here and there.  There is an area of scuffing, too, across the first 3 songs.  There is a deeper small scratch on the last song, but you don't feel it.  Side 2 has a lot of little light surface scratches along with a group of short scuffs and one long light scratch across most of the grooves.  Nothing you can feel.  I played it through.  There were no skips or pops.  But most of the record sides did have a general background crackling.  This light crackling I heard while I was sitting right about 3 feet from the speakers.  But when I would move father to 10 feet or move to the next room, the crackles really got very mellow.  You really didn't notice them once you were farther away. 

    I think I will get a sound bite on here within the next 24 hours so you can decide for yourself if the crackles are light enough for you to deal with.  

    I give the cover only a Very Good (VG) to Very Good Minus (VG-) and the vinyl gets a Very Good (VG) to Very Good Plus (VG+) because of the light crackling throughout.  Some songs had less crackle.

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