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  • JAMES, SONNY (LP/33rpm) TRACES-Capitol SW 71108, 1972 (VG)

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    SONNY JAMES, The Southern Gentleman with his LP (12"/33rpm) entitled TRACES.  Stereo.  From 1972.  Green Capitol label SW 71108.  Nicely Etched Matrix reads:  SW1-71108 W2.  He was a country singer and songwriter since the early 1950s.  He just recently passed away this February 2016.  Born in 1928.  He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2007. 

    Side 1:  Traces; Born To Be With you; Need You; Invisible Tears; A World Of Our Own.

    Side 2:  Heaven Says Hello; Just Ask Your Heart; Don't Keep Me Hangin' On; It's the Little Things; I'll Never Find Another You.

    This album has a clear plastic cover with it.  The cover itself has some bubbles along the top and bottom seams, zoom in in the pix.  The right side open seam just has a slight darkening of the white cover due to handling and age. Same for the back cover--just some very light-dark staining at the open seam area.  Comes in a plain beige inner sleeve.  The green Capitol label just has some light dot-type marks and light spindle marks on it.  The vinyl does have lots of scratches.  Side 1 has two scratches that I can feel!  Then there are at least 15 small light surface scratches all over.  Side 2  has about the same surface scratches, but none that I can feel and this made a difference when I played it through, unfortunately.  Side 1, first song  I hear a pop-type crackling through most of it, then it gets a little less with the crackles for the 2nd tune.  Then the 3rd tune has a pop-crackle in it, too, and in the same place due to a small scratch that I can feel.  The 4th and 5th tunes had less crackling and sounded much better.  Side 2 was much better.  There were less noticeable pop-crackles than Side 1, but there were still very light ones due to all the light small scratches that I see under the bright lamp.  

    Email me if you want me to make a sound bite of the songs so you can judge for yourself on the pop-crackles.  I can email you a link to filedropper that will bring up that sound bite of about 30-45 seconds of the tunes with the heavier pop-crackles and the ones that are with less crackles, too. 

    I give the cover a Very Good (VG) just because of the bubbles on the cover.  The Vinyl gets a Very Good (VG) only due to the pop-crackles on a few of the tunes that you notice more.

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