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  • JAMES, SONNY - Young Love (LP/33rpm) SEALED, Pickwick SPC-3594 Stereo 1978

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    SONNY JAMES (12"/LP/33rpm) entitled Young Love.  He was a country singer and songwriter since the early 1950s.  He just recently passed away this February 2016.  Born in 1928.  He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2007. 

    This album is still sealed!  On Pickwick SPC-3594 Stereo from 1978.  Back cover reads "By arrangement with ABC Records.  These recordings have been previously released."  Reading about Sonny James on the back cover and it says that he was a religious man and refused to play clubs that served alcoholic beverages.  He also cut an album in a prison using inmates as his band.  

    Side 1:  Young Love; Just One More Lie; Jenny Lou; Gotta Travel On; A Mile and a Quarter.

    Side 2:  Rollin' Stone; Sugar Cane Song; My Heart and the Pine; I Gave My Love A cherry.

    Front cover does have a light circle of ringwear, but I think it is only on the shrinkwrap.  I've seen this before on the shrinkwrap on other albums, but not on the cover itself.  But I can't move the shrinkwrap at all on it to be 100% sure.  There is a little tear of the shrinkwrap which shows 1/4" scratch on the cover (located upper mid section, you can zoom in on it on the photo). Back cover and side seam looks great.  I will have to assume that the vinyl is in Mint Condition (M) since it's sealed. 

    I give the cover an Excellent (EX) due to light ringwear on shrinkwrap.  The Vinyl gets a Mint (M) condition due to it being still sealed.

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