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  • STATUS QUO (PS/45 rpm) Living On An Island/Runaway (Vertigo 6059 248) 1979

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    Status Quo with "Living On An Island"/"Runaway" on this picture sleeve 45 rpm.  From 1979.  I picked this up back in Germany when I was visiting there.  Vertigo label 6059 248.  Stereo.  These tunes are on their Whatever You Want LP.  Other items listed on label are 1979 Phonogram Ltd.  Made in Germany. Stereo. 

    The picture sleeve is in great condition.  There  is just some wrinkling showing around as ringwear but it's not discolored.  I shall put in inside a large heavy dictionary book so that it will flatten out better!  The silver label is in perfect condition.  The record barely has any marks or scratches on it.  Side 2 did have some light scuffing in one area, but took me a while to see it.  I did hear a little crackle/tick here and there during the quieter beginning moments on "Living On An Island", but it did not really kill the general performance at all.  Generally, the record is still shiny and no obvious scratches.  
    I only played it several times back in 1980, and then filed it away for years!

    I rate the picture sleeve at VG+ and the record at VG+ also.  (Or some may say VG+ to EX.) 

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