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  • THREE DOG NIGHT (LP/33rpm) "Captured Live at the Forum (1969)". Reissue '72. VG+

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    Here is a 12" LP (33 rpm) by Three Dog Night.  "Captured Live at the Forum"  in 1969 Los Angeles.  This LP I believe is a reissue because the label on the record shows at the bottom 1972, ABC Records, Inc.  Matrix reads:  DS50068A-RE 10-19-70. 

    The cover:  In good shape.  It's a gatefold cover.  Comes with an ABC/Dunhill insert sleeve.  The cover has some flaking at all the seams from aging and wear.  I have photos here showing some of that wear.  Four pinholes are at the upper left corner of the front cover, but they actually go through the whole cover to the back side! 

    Vinyl:  Only one or two light surface scratches that I can barely even see!  Only one situation.  On side B in the first song, Chest Fever, there is a white dot in the grooves halfway through the song.  See the photo.  It's like something planted itself there and it actually goes through the record to the A side.  But the A side does not have any problem with it.  The white mark there did not cause any pops or skips.  No crackle even.  BUT, the B side where it's a little bit bigger, it does have a pop noise as it spun around in that area.  I counted 11 light pops, but it didn't skip over itself.  Everything else sounded crystal clear with no other pops except for that one area on Side B halfway through Chest Fever!  How strange.  I would rate the vinyl quality at excellent, but because of this one white mark in the grooves, I will give it a VG+.

    I rate the cover sleeve as just Very Good (VG) due to some wear at the edges.  But the vinyl gets a Very Good Plus (VG+ or better) for sound quality except for those quick 11 pops over the first Side B song. 


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