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  • VHS Int'l Historic Films "Combat Bulletin Number 13" B&W, 1985. Still Sealed!

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    Here is a still sealed VHS tape entitled COMBAT BULLETIN NUMBER 13.  This was created by the IHF (International Historic Films company).  34 minutes in length.  Black & white.  Date of 1985 IHFm Made in USA, IHF is in Chicago, IL.  Since this is sealed, I do not know the details of the film, but you are able to find this out on the IHF site.  This film is about action in Okinawa.  The US Marines drive to clear the northern section of Okinawa. A US fighter takes out a Japanese plane after a short dogfight. Elements of the 1st and 6th Marine Divisions encounter scattered Japanese resistance during their drive north. Bombing of Okinawa by land and ship-based planes softens up Japanese resistance. Elements of the 382nd Infantry, 96th Division attack Japanese position on Table Top Ridge. US forces flush out and blow up hillside caves. Flamethrowing tanks of the 713th Tank Battalion lead the attack on Sawtooth Ridge. Tanks teams (composed of armor and infantry units) lead the charge on Rocky Crag Ridge. A US tank is hit, and the wounded men are evacuated under fire.... and more and more.

    (This VHS came from a room where an acquaintance of mine owned this and many other military movies that I will be selling, too, as he was heavily involved in the military over the years and everything was kept in mint condition.  He served with the U.S. Army in the Far East Command and later joined the Ohio Military Reserve.  And more, but I won't go into that here.) 

    I will ship out in a padded envelope since it's only 1 VHS tape and can go Media Mail.  Weighs 12 oz.

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