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  • VHS of MEIN KAMPF, Rise and Fall of WWII Era-Hitler. 1984 SS

    There is only 1 item left in stock.

    Still sealed.  Black and hite film.  NTSC.  Documentary.  Historical.  Director is Erwin Leiser.  Mein Kampf:  An Unforgettable Film of an Incredible Time.  On Embassy Home Entertainment.  Back cover says 1984 Artwork and Design Embassy home Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA.  Original came out in 1961 and was about the rise and fall of German politics and the destruction all over.  117 minutes.  Narration by Claude Stephenson.  Presented by arrangement with Kit Parker Films.  VHS 7555 Documentary. 

    Front cover looks a little faded near the top because the lamp was above the tape in that area when I took the photo.  It is not faded at all.  Shrinkwrap is tight around the cover. 

    I will have more military VHS eventually on here, too.   Can go Media Mail at 12-13 oz. 

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