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  • WINGS (12"Single/33rpm) "Goodnight Tonight" (Disco Single) MPL Columbia 1979

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    WINGS with their 12" single (33 rpm) called Goodnight Tonight and flip side is Daytime Nightime Suffering.  On red Columbia label called Disco Single 23-10940. From 1979.  Goodnight Tonight is 7.25 minutes and flip side is 3.19 minutes.

    I took these notes from Wikipedia:  Goodnight Tonight began as an instrumental backing track that Paul had recorded in 1978.  Wings needed a single to accompany the Back to the Egg album, so Paul took out this track and the full WIngs line-up completed it.  The track was over 7 minutes long, so this one went as a full version as a 12"-inch single.

    Wings' last huge hit began as an instrumental track Paul McCartney had been toying with in 1978. With a motive to craft a single to coincide with the release of the Back To The Egg album, Macca brought in his bandmates to finish the demo. Wings ended up with a seven-minute disco song (shortened for the single release) that featured a flamenco guitar interlude, heavily processed vocals and rubber band bass line. Even John Lennon, who didn’t like the song at all, praised his old buddy’s bass work.

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    The cover is in great shape.  There is only a tear/wrinkle thing at the upper right hand corner (photo here) and a little wrinkle at the bottom left side seam area.  Back cover has a little smudge at the right mid section which you can zoom in on at the photo.  The red label is great.  The vinyl is great, too.  I barely see any surface scratches!  I played it through and the sound quality was Near Mint!  No snap, crackle, pops, no surface noise.  Sound was crystal clear!  

    I give the cover sleeve an Excellent grading except for the slight wrinkle/tear on front cover, but the vinyl gets a Near Mint Minus (NM-) to EXCELLENT (EX) grading!  

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